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The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 2-CODEX

Posted 25 Sep 2018 in PC GAMES, REQUEST ACCEPTED

The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 2-CODEX


Clementine, now a fierce and capable survivor, has reached the final chapter in her journey….



Clementine, now a fierce and capable survivor, has reached the final chapter in her journey. After years on the road facing threats both living and dead, a secluded school might finally be her chance for a home. But protecting it will mean sacrifice.

Title: The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 2
Genre: Adventure
Release Date: 25 Sep, 2018

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NOTES: This release is standalone and also includes Episode 1.

The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 2-CODEX
Size: 6.27 GB





































    • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
    • OS: Windows 7 64Bit Service Pack 1
    • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz
    • Memory: 3 GB RAM
    • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce GTS 450 2GB
    • DirectX: Version 11
    • Storage: 15 GB available space
    • Sound Card: DirectX 11 sound device
    • Additional Notes: Not Recommended for Intel integrated graphics

The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 2-CODEX
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Posted by Skidrow


  1. Mordred (25 Sep 2018, 6:54)

    Niiiice. Can’t wait for SOTTR.

  2. ARAY (25 Sep 2018, 6:57)

    first one! in the final season

  3. Tons of DLC (25 Sep 2018, 7:03)

    Too bad the studio shut down and they cancelled the rest of the season. They shouldnt have oversaturated their own market with all these games they were puking out every year

  4. lul (25 Sep 2018, 7:09)

    u guys know why the studio shut down? Thanks to us torrent

  5. kokotek (25 Sep 2018, 7:28)

    they are shutting down because of the money. But they have some multi partners who wants to finish this final season. So I think the last 2 episodes will be :)

  6. astro (25 Sep 2018, 7:28)

    @lul its been proven that piracy has no influence on game sales

  7. Dawg (25 Sep 2018, 7:34)

    Too bad there won’t be any more of this………….

  8. Ridix786 (25 Sep 2018, 7:38)

    RIP. Still hoping that this isnt the last telltale cracked we have to see

  9. Lol (25 Sep 2018, 7:40)

    Really? The dev are shutting down and we still pirating their game?

  10. George (25 Sep 2018, 7:43)

    Thank you so much 😀

  11. RandomNewb (25 Sep 2018, 7:44)

    How do you import the save files from episode 1?

  12. Jack (25 Sep 2018, 8:03)

    It should be call “The final episode” ^^

  13. shitter (25 Sep 2018, 8:10)

    its good that they shut down telltale games are utterly boring and overrated

  14. Lengid (25 Sep 2018, 8:11)

    The developer was the shit for multiple crappy games that took ignoring their big franchises, a formula out of step with bad stories and horrible gameplay.

    On the other hand, can not you just upload episode 2?

  15. No te Importa (25 Sep 2018, 8:53)

    Codex first thanks for the second episode of the walking dead and second there is no rush for SOTTR,
    Very nice job.

  16. help (25 Sep 2018, 9:35)

    did someone figure out how to transfer ep 1 save file to this? when i do it, it cancel ep 2 and appears as “ep 2 coming soon”, help (!!!)

  17. Ish4ni (25 Sep 2018, 9:43)

    I don’t understand. I’ve installed the episode (and put the crack in the file) but it still appears as “locked” in the menu. Does anybody know why ?

  18. No te Importa (25 Sep 2018, 10:25)

    For imports the savegame:

    1 Install the second episodie

    2 Runs the second episodie for the creates of the documents.

    3 Copy the files of Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 1

    4 Paste the files in Documents\Telltale Games\The Walking Dead The Final Season Episode 2

    5 Runs the game and look in the menu.

    6 Select extras and inside select relations and decisions.

    7 And checks your decisions are right , this works for me

  19. bouch (25 Sep 2018, 10:41)

    plz upload the ep 2 alone , thx

  20. randomY (25 Sep 2018, 10:56)

    Hope they will tell us how it ends, or maybe they will finish it

  21. Duck (25 Sep 2018, 10:56)

    To all the people saying that it’s the final episode because the studio shut down, yeah it’s quite likely but some partners have stepped forward with interest in helping them finish the project, nothing is set in stone but it’s better than nothing.

    You can see it for yourself there.

  22. Tummi (25 Sep 2018, 11:04)

    Why no episode 3 and 4? Don’t tell me that they havent finished them yet… they for sure have them done and just cutted to release in parts

  23. star (25 Sep 2018, 11:08)

    I’m very very happy to hear Telltale Games shut down. So sick of their soap-opera shit boring garbage games. Thanks for the news; best news this month. Hope those cunts NEVER make anything else.

  24. RIP Telltale (25 Sep 2018, 11:42)

    #RIP Telltale studio hope are your games be remember forever

  25. RIP Telltale game Studio (25 Sep 2018, 11:43)

    #RIP Telltale game studio hope are your games be remember forever

  26. jorge (25 Sep 2018, 12:06)

    hi, let me see it…mm… ;/ more game of zombie?.

  27. Kruger (25 Sep 2018, 12:26)

    Telltale shutdown jeopoaradize future of this last season ugh, i hope it will not be open ending…

  28. _Gungrave_ (25 Sep 2018, 12:38)

    @lul piracy hardly has any impact at all and sales figures against torrent numbers have shown this. Simple fact is if your game is shit then word of mouth will kill it regardless of people pirating it or not. If your game is good then chances are it will be pirated and a hell of a lot more will buy it again regardless of people pirating it.

    Best example of a highly pirated but good game is Witcher 3 and the devs practically were ok with it being pirated.

  29. Suprême maitreya (25 Sep 2018, 12:57)

    Telltale did a quiet good job,inovating with the first TWD,and quiet goods other ones like Guardians of the galaxy and TWAU but they lacked a bit of innovation and cloned too many of their concept in too many directions (Batmans,Games of thrones ect) wich explain the shutting down of the studio,but in the absolute Telltale made us spending good time on our machines and must stay proud of their job and going on in other ways ameliorating the concept of this kind of game if they want in other studios.

  30. Nibbanoy (25 Sep 2018, 13:48)

    @Tons Of DLC they said they’re doing their “best” to finish the rest of the season.

  31. War (25 Sep 2018, 14:27)

    Guys if you are able at all to buy this game, please don’t hesitate, do it. The studio is shutting down due to bad management and i assume lack of money spent on a lawsuit filed by their ex shitty CEO. If i were able to, i’d buy it instantly, Telltale Games is far too precious to be forgotten just yet.

  32. HappyBirds (25 Sep 2018, 14:38)

    Why I can’t open the menu? I can’t play with the game, because I can’t open the menu. There are 3 choices : Join, Sign up and No, thank you. And I can’t choose :/ Please help

  33. Tren (25 Sep 2018, 14:40)

    anyone getting a .dll error when trying to install?

  34. Hello (25 Sep 2018, 19:34)

    The episode 2 is blocked why? HOW TO FIX THIS!!!

  35. TheHellMaker (26 Sep 2018, 7:51)

    can u upload only the 2 episode not the whole game ?

  36. ABDULLAH (26 Sep 2018, 9:09)

    isdone.dll error ?

  37. getrekt (30 Sep 2018, 3:57)

    look at this people , how not a shame are u, still downloading this piracy, developer has shut down people lose job and u are in here just how piece of shit are u

  38. coppin (01 Oct 2018, 9:43)

    @getrekt … well, what are YOU doing here? looking for a game are we? If you come to a game download site, what would you expect to find? hypocritical idiot!!
    the developer shut down because their games are boring shit; suitable only for little girls & brainless fags … you probably love them!

  39. Arch (02 Oct 2018, 21:37)

    @No te Importa thank u

  40. K-Yah (05 Oct 2018, 13:55)

    @coppin and getrekt,

    getrekt, yeah you are a hypocrite, ranting about pirates on a piracy site, on the other hand coppin, you’re a hypocrite too, you ranting about this game how boring and brainless it is, on its page, why are you looking on this page in the first place? if you think this game is for little girls or brainless faigs, are you assiociating yourself with that statement?

    anyways, with the measures you mete you shall be measured, I.e. if you call someone a hypocrite while being a hypocrite yourself, will only give another a reason to call you a hypocrite. How can you remove the splinter in someone’s eye, if you have a log in your own?

  41. Christian Garza (08 Oct 2018, 15:31)

    Esta super el post! Pero tengo un problema al iniciarlo me aparece el error 0xc00007b Y no inicia. No sé que será Win 10/Ryzen 7 2700/ GTX 1060ti/ 16RAM

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